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Alexander Technique at Finchley

The Alexander Technique will allow you to increase and rediscover ease and freedom in movement, coordination, flexibility and thought.

People are born with an innate use of themselves, body and mind, which allows for natural and light poise, manner and movement, as well as ideal balance and posture. Most of us gradually lose this optimal use of the self over time due to today’s hectic pace, chronic muscular tension, and the often imbalanced strains and pressures of day-to-day living. As a result, habits are developed which negatively affect our health, wellbeing and performance.

By learning to recognise subtle habits of movement, posture and thought, we can let them go and recover our natural poise and inner and outer freedom.

The Alexander Technique is suitable for everyone who would like to improve or change something in their life, or just make it easier, whether personal or professional. Examples include day-to-day movements like walking or sitting at your desk, as well as presentation and public speaking skills, confidence in performing, or activities like riding, running, playing a musical instrument or singing, dancing, playing golf and much more.

How can the Alexander Technique improve my golf game?

  1. By acquiring greater skills of self-observation, you can learn to recognise and eliminate unwanted or unnecessary habits of movement or tension which are getting in the way of a consistent and ideal swing.
  2. Consciously or not, we often try to actively hit the ball where we want it to go. Alternatively, you can focus on allowing a natural whole-body coordination and freedom, using the club as an extension of yourself, in order to make effective contact with the ball and therefore achieve a more satisfactory result.
  3. Less is more. The harder you try, the worse your game gets. Have you ever noticed how detrimental trying to get certain aspects of your swing right actually make it worse? How practising thoughtfully on the driving range, but then letting go of those thoughts and just allowing it to happen is more effective? That’s not a coincidence.
  4. With the Alexander Technique, you will learn a better interaction with your whole self, body and mind as one, to achieve greater coordination, balance, and lighter, freer movement in day-to-day life. This translates directly into your self-interaction on the golf course as well.
  5. By gradually improving your natural balance, coordination, and movement, and getting out of your own way more often, you will be less prone to injury or time off.

Lessons are now available at Finchley Golf Club, so you can combine your Alexander Technique lessons with a round of golf at a wonderful course!


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